Veechi’s sessions are a unique experience. It isn’t wisdom from behind the desk or 90 minutes of using strange psychological terminology, it’s a sense of warmth, extraordinary sensitivity, intuition, and piece of experience from working with people of different cultural backgrounds.

– Paulina Jagoda

Veechi Shahi has had an immeasurable impact on my life. She has been a mentor to me since I was 13 years old. With her, I learned how to embrace my femininity, find deep harmony within myself and celebrate life each day. For anyone looking to lead a more conscious and balanced life, Veechi is the perfect guide.

– Vanshika Riddhi Venkateshwaran

Veechi’s workshops are so worth it. It’s the time where I got to know myself, looked at my fears and patterns, and consciously began to work with them. It’s always wonderful to work with a compassionate, loving and experienced woman of power.

– Halszka Skotny

I would rate Veechi’s work as a “10.0”, like they used to score previously in the Olympic Gymnastics! Clearly, I am a big Veechi-fan, and I am glad to recommend her! Veechi’s expertise in the various dimensions of Wellness Coaching, her vast and versatile professional experience, her highly effective individually-tailored coaching and counseling, and her design of group workshops, are simply exemplary!

– Vinod Menon

What is transformation? Why transformation?

Deadlines. Pressures. Expectations: When we allow the dust of everyday life to settle down, a sea of possibilities emerges which we never knew existed. When we start living these possibilities, we transform into a person that we never knew we had within us. And one day, without even realizing it, we turn into a new self.

While femininity is wild and wise, it unleashes in nature to experience the deep longing of the soul. The divinity of all the elements of nature and its connection with the women’s body, mind, and heart is simply beautiful. This is a delicate yet an empowering and transforming experience when a woman in her core: in her nakedness, in her brokenness, in her vulnerability, in her disease, in her discomfort can embrace herself lovingly. And, feels the embracing of the sun, sand, sea, salt and the open skies – witnessing the deepest union inside her, she experiences healing, wholeness, oneness and transformation.

Freshness, silence, tranquility – often a retreat into a new environment can open up unexpected doors. Namaste Retreats Greece takes you on a journey of another kind through their unique intensive transformational retreats. They are conducted over eight or nine days.

When life comes at us a thousand miles an hour, our deepest calling and truest self often gets knocked unconscious by storms of distraction, anxiety, and heaviness. It can feel as if somewhere along the way, we lost connection to ourselves, our direction, and our ability to see things clearly. The truth is we never really “lose connection”. The clarity we seek simply gets muffled under layers of toxic inner dialog, self-limiting stories, and conditioned mindsets.

Transformation is a life-long process, a journey from head to heart to being from physical body to emotional body to spiritual well-being. Our transformational retreats in Greece are designed keeping in mind the unleashing of collective wisdom of the feminine in nature. The natural elements invite feminine to flower and flow, creating even more understanding, more harmony, and more graciousness in life. Femininity is wild and wise – when in nature experiences the transformation effortlessly.

The pristine Greek island of Paros, located at the heart of the Cyclades is known for its natural beauty, beaches with crystal clear waters, unrivaled Byzantine footpaths connecting traditional villages and breath-taking landscapes. The mystical coexistence of wide-open skies, sea, sand, and sun allows you infinite pathways to reconnect with yourself and grow in your femininity.

Namaste Retreats Greece offers a holistic experience: for you to relax, to let go of unwanted stress and rigidity in your body & mind. Allow yourselves to flow effortlessly in your energy and in the blue sea. For you to feel the expansiveness of the space calling you to heal all your wounds peacefully. For, your heart can open once again to give and receive love. Within this safe and sacred space – you can experience the beauty within yourself . Learn to embrace yourself lovingly with all your perfections and imperfections.

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