Andros Island

8 Days 7 Nights Seashells & Bougainvilleas Women’s Retreat in Andros Island, Greece

 Flowering of Femininity | Yoga | Meditation | Relaxation | Vegan Greek Food

The pristine Greek island of Andros, one of the largest islands located in the Cyclades group of islands is known for its natural beauty, beaches with crystal clear waters, the greenest island of the group. The mystical coexistence of wide-open skies, sea, sand, and the sun allow you infinite pathways to reconnect with yourself and grow in your femininity.

This retreat is designed keeping in mind the unleashing of collective wisdom of the feminine in nature. The natural elements invite feminine to flower and flow, creating even more understanding, more harmony, and more graciousness in life.

Within this safe and sacred space – you can experience the beauty within yourself and embrace yourself lovingly with all your perfections and imperfections.

This retreat is an invitation to all women to experience the nurturing & healing alchemy of nature and collective feminine.

Hatha Yoga

While yoga is a useful tool for exercising and stretching our physical body as well as nourishing and tonifying our organs and assisting with the detoxification process, our yoga practice is for the mind. Hatha Yoga helps to calm and balance our mind utilising the breath as our primary focus. You do not need to have practiced yoga before, our classical Indian yoga is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate practitioners..


It is nothing but resting the mind that eventually leads to better management of life across several aspects: pain, time, work, stress and so on. All day you process information – sounds, smells, feelings, etc., your minds need a break. Sleep helps a great deal, however, unless you know how to relax, the mind doesn’t really rest. Meditation connects with your different feelings and emotions as a fully conscious process & not with drifting, daydreaming, or sleeping..


Yoga Nidra is a powerful meditation technique, and one of the easiest yoga practices to develop and maintain making it suitable for beginners but it is also highly beneficial for regular meditators. This is a meditation and relaxation retreat which promises not only to purify your physical body, but your emotional body and mind also. You will have an opportunity to experience the deep blue crystalline Greek Aegean Sea as well as sparkling at the deepest levels of your body, mind, heart, and soul. You will return from this retreat rejuvenated in tune with your body and being.

Vegan Greek Meals
As the saying goes, ‘You are what you eat’. Veganism, specifically combined with yogic practices helps cleanse your body, improving your immune system & gut health. Our retreat invites participants to make conscious efforts to take care of their diet (preferably Vegan) because of the subtleties of feminine work. Additionally, traditional Greek food encompasses delicious fruits, vegetables, and legumes in their cuisine. Absolutely delightful & vibrant Mediterranean dishes!

Flowering of Femininity & Sister Love

The feminine nurtures, guides, protects, loves, understands, & listens. Collective femininity forms an unbreakable bonds of sister love. Our retreat is a sacred space for reconnecting with the woman in you. By embracing her, you pave a path to your liberation.

Who should attend this retreat

1. Every woman once in her lifetime.
2. When you are ready to drop your ideas/learnings and are eager to experience your presence.
3. You feel your longing to free yourself from all the limiting thoughts and self-sabotaging patterns.
4. If you can even faintly feel the calling to pause now.
5. If you know the importance of taking time out for yourself.
6. If it’s your time to assimilate – everything that you have learned to make it your own experience.
7. If you are feeling and seeing the signs of tiredness or exhaustion in your body and actions.
8. If you are open to be naturally nurtured and heal at every level.
9. If you are willing to experience expansiveness and oneness within, and around you, simultaneously.
10. If you want to witness the fragile flowering of your femininity – falling in love with yourself.
11. If you desire to live your life in joy and celebrations & invite fresh beginnings.
12. You enjoy women’s circles and preciousness of sisterhood.