The most incredible experience ever! Blessed beyond to have been with you on this amazing journey. We laughed, we cried, we love and we evolve.  Namaste Soul Sister

– Monique Tomlinson

I now know that one is not the same after a visit to India. And for that, I’m eternally grateful to Veechi and Annie

– Dawn Bradnick

I will never forget this time in Rishikesh. Thank you Veechi for this magical retreat!

– Kierstin Turner

It’s not something you do with your mind. It’s something you do with your heart. Such a blessed experience. Thank you Veechi and Annie.

– Graham Gamble

Experiences with Veechi always give us practice in acceptance. Love you.

– Farida Venkat

It’s great that there is someone in the world who can awaken such power in women

– Beata Giebas

Working with Veechi is an extraordinary process, transforming body, soul and mind. The quality with which Veechi approaches work, with great empathy. Her work with women is a mission- to feel it very clearly. Veechi’s processes can be difficult, but a sense of security allows you to let yourself go and trust your intuition – forever

– Danusia Rondzisty

If you are looking for someone in your life or want to be a woman who bravely shows herself as she is – once soft and delicate, dreamy and other times firm, determined and effective, then I recommend you wholeheartedly to meet Veechi. It was thanks to her that I saw the embodiment of such qualities in a woman who draws from her femininity with a handful and can at the same time, for example. take care of your finances and be spiritually and business at the same time. Women’s circles allowed me to immerse myself in sisterhood and understand that certain experiences my heart longed for among women can be soothed.

– Katarzyna Chojecka