Veechi Shahi

Wellness Expert

Veechi Shahi is the founder of A New Leaf & Namaste Retreats Greece and a co-founder of Namaste Retreats India . Being an MBA graduate from the University of Pune, India, she has more than two decades experience across various sectors in multiple life and wellness, soft skills trainings , corporate coaching, women wellbeing and leadership roles. Her forte is creating harmony and balance in individuals life and collective , her work is centered around Mindfulness , feminine qualities and values.

She visualized Namaste Retreats Greece to create a conscious collective feminine space – to celebrate life, in essence its deeply rooted in embracing the femininity and sisterhood through nature , meditation and relaxation .

Veechi’s experience and work is an amalgamation of authentically and exuberantly expressed awareness of self and the world around. Her all-embracing and all-accepting approach leads to her 360 degree coaching of the mind, body, heart, & soul, creating balance and harmony.

Operating from a space of gratitude and blessings of her master, she is a multifaceted woman with a driving force to empower clarity of purpose, first through emotional quotient leading towards spiritual quotient. Aside from being an wellness expert, Veechi is a mentor to many women and youth. Her clientele is vast and global.

‘Veechi Shahi in Poland’ is her highly loved and recommended feminine collective workspace wherein she guides professional women to acknowledge their feminine qualities which the world needs more. A certified meditation facilitator and Soft Skills trainer, Veechi is also an Executive Coach and a clinical hypnotherapist who is highly influenced by her guru Osho , Iyengar Yoga and Dr. Vijaya Venkat for nutrition.

Celebrating life, coming from a huge family – honours and values human relations, loving people, exploring & travelling to countries, dance and music, nature, vegan food are Veechi’s core interests.