The Retreats

9 Day Sea Shells & Bougainvilleas Women’s Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation Retreat, Paros Island, Greece

 Yoga | Meditation | Relaxation | Flowering of Femininity

The pristine Greek island of Paros located in the heart of the Cyclades is known for its natural beauty, beaches with crystal clear waters, unrivalled Byzantine footpaths connecting traditional villages and breath-taking landscapes. The mystical coexistence of wide-open skies, sea, sand and sun allows you infinite pathways to reconnect with yourself and grow in your femininity.

  • This retreat is designed keeping in mind the unleashing of collective wisdom of the feminine in nature.
  • The natural elements invite feminine to flower and flow, creating even more understanding, more harmony and more graciousness in life.
  • Femininity is wild and wise – when in nature, experience the deep longing of the soul and its connection with the body mind and heart.
  • Within this safe and sacred space – you can experience the beauty within yourself, and embrace yourself lovingly with all your perfections and imperfections.
  • This retreat is an invitation to all women to experience the nurturing & healing alchemy of nature and the collective feminine.

Hatha Yoga

While yoga is a useful tool for exercising and stretching our physical body as well as nourishing and tonifying our organs and assisting with the detoxification process, our yoga practice is for the mind. It helps to calm and balance our mind utilising the breath as our primary focus. You do not need to have practiced yoga before, our classical Indian yoga is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate practitioners.


Life today is fraught with restlessness, impatience, insecurities, fears and anxieties. Meditation is a simple and effective way to reduce this in everyday life. Meditation means to drop everything which is in your memory and to come to a state where only consciousness and awareness remains. Various active and passive meditation techniques are used to create change at a deep unconscious level in a person by bringing about transformation in responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours and feelings.

Meditation creates a state of inner relaxation through deep healing and enables you to start afresh every day.


Using a method of guided relaxation technique or yogic sleep as it is commonly known. Yoga Nidra is a powerful meditation technique, and one of the easiest yoga practices to develop and maintain making it suitable for beginners but it is also highly beneficial for regular meditators. The practitioner rests comfortably in savasana (lying down on their back), and is systematically taken through the layers of self, leaving us with a sense of wholeness. During the practice of Yoga Nidra, we are able to develop a communication with our body and mind and become more integrated. Some of the many benefits include stress and anxiety reduction, the promotion of emotional wellness, the development of self-awareness and greater consciousness, increased concentration span, improved sleep and with regular practice can lower blood pressure along with a healthy lifestyle.

This is a meditation and relaxation retreat which promises not only to cleanse your physical body, but your emotional body and mind also.  You will have an opportunity to experience the deep blue crystalline Greek Aegean Sea as well as sparkling at the deepest levels of your body mind heart and soul.  You will return from this retreat rejuvenated and in tune with your body and being.

Who should attend this retreat

  1.  Every woman once in her life time.
  2.  When you are ready to drop your ideas/ learnings and eager to experience presence.
  3.  You feel your longing to free yourself from all the limiting thoughts and self-sabotaging patterns.
  4.  If you can even faintly feel the calling to pause now.
  5.  If you know the importance of taking time out for your self.
  6.  If it’s your time to assimilate – everything that you have learned to make it your own experience.
  7.  If you are feeling and seeing the signs of tiredness or exhaustion in your body and actions.
  8.  If you are open to be naturally nurtured and heal at every level.
  9.  If you are willing to experience simultaneously expansiveness and oneness within and around you.
  10.  If you want to witness the fragile flowering of your femininity – falling in love with yourself.
  11.  If you desire to live your life in joy and celebrations & invite fresh beginnings.
  12.  You enjoy women circles and preciousness of sisterhood.